cannot assign to read only property

I have a Node.js app. This is the first time that I’m tring to use MongoDB.

I get this exception when I try to insert a document:

Cannot assign to read only property ‘_id’ of

This is the line of code where it occurs:

I’ve heard that _id is a value that Mongo’s supposed to create by itself. I’ve found many questions with the same exception but either not with the _id field or with the _id field but in client side and they didn’t help me at all.

I have imported a WSDL file to configure an API using the Map policy in API Designer assembly. However, after the API is published and when trying to invoke it results in the following error:

Just installed Rails 6 and created a new app to test out Webpack.

Nothing fancy, just a simple controller with an empty view, and a Procfile that starts both rails server and webpack.

You start it. It runs. Webserver comes up, so does webpack and everything gets compiled. Victory, except…

That and 2 404’s because rails doesn’t yet know how to configure everything to work with webpack from the get go. But our focus here should be this error: read only property ‘exports’. The error message hardly points you in the right direction, but I will try:

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